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Equipping Minds

"The brain and IQ are not stagnant, but can be strengthened with the right tools and instructional methods." Dr Carol Brown The Equipping Minds™ Cognitive Development Curriculum provides the methodology necessary to strengthen cognitive functions and increase IQ no matter a person's age or current cognitive ability. 


Equipping Minds™ is a research based, holistic cognitive training program that utilizes interactive games in conjunction with nutritional therapy, neurodevelopmental therapy, vision therapy, sound therapy, quantum reflex integration therapy, and vestibular therapy. Treating the whole person through a multi-disciplinary approach to decrease troubling symptoms and increase cognitive abilities, which impact academics, relationships, communication, and life skills.


Equipping Minds improves visual and auditory processing, working and long-term memory, attention, comprehension, communication, social emotional, relational and critical thinking skills, to help individuals of all ages and cognitive abilities, strengthen the foundational skills needed for learning, and for maintaining cognitive function across the life span.


If you have a student frustrated in school or who has a neurodevelopmental learning disorder, or you are an adult who is seeing a decline in processing and memory, Equipping Minds can help!


Research has proven, "cross training” the brain five days a week for 30-60 minutes a day over three-six months allows the neuropathways to connect. We know that physical, cognitive, behavioral, and relational skills develop in combination rather than in isolation. Treating the whole person through a multidisciplinary approach provides best results for reaching full potential.


Melissa Melvin is certified in the Equipping Minds™Cognitive Development Curriculum.  For more information or to schedule a free consultation contact Melissa at

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