Counseling Investment

Biblical counseling is the livelihood of our counselors, but our heart is that it is also a ministry, and we seek to provide care at as low a cost as possible.  Because we view counseling as an investment and desire to wisely steward resources, our counselors will work with you to assign homework to do outside counseling time as applicable and will make recommendations throughout the process on the frequency of care that may be best for your situation.  

Cost of Services

Krista Bjork

Master's Level Counselor, ABC Certified

90- minute session, $135

55-minute session, $95

Sarah Howell

Bachelor's Level Counselor,

ABC Certification in process

90-minute session, $95

55-minute session, $65

Melissa Melvin

Human Services Counselor, ABC Certification in process

90-minute session, $60

55-minute session, $40

45-minute children's session, $30

60-minute Equipping Minds session, $60

Cost FAQ's

Do you Accept Insurance?  - Because of the strong faith basis of Biblical Counseling and the ways it can conflict with psychological viewpoints, Biblical Counselors can't be in-network with insurance providers.  So That We Biblical Counseling, LLC is registered with proper information for insurance submission for out-of-network reimbursement, and will provide a superbill (receipt for insurance) upon request.  We can't guarantee insurance reimbursement, and in fact, advise our clients that insurance will likely not cover Biblical counseling services.

What if I can't afford your fees? - We recommend you contact your church for potential assistance with your counseling fees.  We offer a limited number of spots for clients that are approved through our application process for sliding scale fees.  These fees are based on the Federal poverty-to-income scale for similar services. 

Why do your counselors have different fees, and what if I can't afford the one I would like to work with? - Our counselors' fees are based on their level of education, certification,  experience, and levels of problems they are able to address.  If we feel your situation warrants a different level of care, be it a referral to a different So That We counselor or to an outside provider, we will discuss this with you and make those recommendations.