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Melissa Melvin

Intern Biblical Counselor

I have a passion for coming alongside my clients with compassionate, empathetic understanding, and practical support from a biblical worldview. 

I am passionate about serving women, children, and families who are dealing with bullying, depression, trauma, disability, and chronic illness. My career in the field of human services has given me significant experience providing emotional support, resources, skills training, and advocacy for orphans, foster children, children and women survivors of domestic abuse, and individuals and families affected by disability and terminal illness. 


Additionally, I hold a certification in leadership and Gen z bullying from Bullied Broken Redeemed. I am certified in Equipping Minds™ Cognitive Development training Curriculum through the Academic Success Center of Kentucky. I am currently pursuing further biblical counseling certification through ABC.

I have faced many challenges throughout my life including adverse childhood experiences, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and disability.  I know firsthand that life is hard, and no one makes it on their own.  I would be honored to come alongside you to help you find lasting hope in Christ and practical help for the hardship you are facing.


In my free time, I enjoy reading, listening to music, spending quality time with friends, and trying my hand at new recipes.

ABC Certified, Level 2 Certification in Progress


Reach out if you have any questions about working with me for counseling or Equipping Minds.

779-220-2390, ext 2

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