Bold Love

Anyone who has done relationship counseling with me knows I highly recommend this book by Dan Allender and Tremper Longman, III.  Boundaries can sometimes be set in ways that don't reflect the love we are called to in Scripture.  This book helps us understand the elements of the plank in our own eye, and then how to deal with the speck in the eyes of difficult people in ways that are Biblical.   

Confronting Christianity

While Confronting Christianity, a cultural apologetics book, may seem out of place in a list of counseling resources, I consider it far from it. Many people struggle with the questions posed and answered articulately and thoughtfully here by Rebecca McLaughlin. This is one of very few books I consider a "must read."

Get Out of Your Head

"Get Out of Your Head" by Jennie Allen is essentially a book about how to take every thought captive and stop spiraling thoughts.  She does utilize cognitive distortions from CBT to help identify thoughts, but in a Biblical lens of "lies" versus "truth."  There are helpful charts and exercises included, but this is still an inspirational read rather than an academic one. 

The Digital Invasion

Dr. Archibald Hart and his daughter, Sylvia, partner in this book that addresses how digital media affects us not just neurologically and psychologically, but spiritually.  They further break down differences between parents and children, and how we are generationally different.  I love this very holistic and Biblical view of technology.