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Bryan Ryndak, PT, MHS

Associate Biblical Counselor

I have felt what it’s like for life to beat me to the mat more than once, death of a spouse, divorce, anxiety, job elimination, single parenting.  I have been in the battle to get up for one more round, hanging onto faith by a fingernail.  It’s not easy, it’s not just a matter of boot straps, it’s not someone else’s responsibility, and it’s not done alone.  Reach out.

I despise platitudes and would rather link Biblical truth with practical problem solving.  Holistic biblical couseling has to include the mind, body, and heart and this is how I approach counseling men.  I think real change happens when we can speak freely, think deeply, and battle courageously.  Every man was created for mission: to protect, provide, prepare, and perform as we live, love, and lead.

I work with men on untangling the meaning and day to day application of being a Godly man in today’s world.  Tackling subjects like spiritual leadership in the home, masculinity, loving your lady well, addiction, fitness, wellness, relationships, fringe faith, loss, and rewriting, I bring real world experience coupled with a Biblical world view to challenge the status quo of your mind, body, and spirit.

  • Men’s counseling

    • 55-minute sessions

    • Intensives (3hrs)

  • Executive Wellness Initiative- custom year long program for transforming mental health, physical wellness, and spiritual life in high level executives

  • Marriage counseling

    • 55-minute sessions

    • Intensives- in partnership with lead counselor Krista (2 and 3 day)

  • Fitness and wellness- 55-minute individual consults (for Illinois residents only)

  • Pre-marriage- first marriages as well as the 2nd or 3rd + marriages, in partnership with lead counselor Krista


Certified Biblical Counselor Level 1 (Association of Biblical Counselors)

Symbis Certified

Bachelor and Master’s in physical therapy

Licensed physical therapist (Illinois)

Bryan is undergoing the process for level II certification with ABC and is supervised by lead counselor Krista.

779-220-2390, ext 2

Bryan Ryndak, PT, MHS
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