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Individual Counseling


We offer individual counseling in-person in our Crystal Lake, IL office or all over the world via Zoom. Each of our counselors works with a variety of issues. To find the one who is the best fit for you, visit our Team page. Issues we counsel include:

Depression- including physical, mental, and spiritual contributing factors

Anxiety disorders- including GAD, social phobias, panic attacks, eating disorders, and OCD

Church hurt- for those who have felt judged or abandoned and are questioning God

Trauma- helping navigate and heal from the ways it affects life and relationships today

Sexual Struggles- including pornography, sexual identity, and marital sexual dysfunction

Relationship Struggles- including learning to navigate boundaries and communication in a Biblical, God-honoring way

Our counselor's rates vary according to level of education and experience. Prices listed below are for a 55-minute sessions. Longer sessions are available by request.

Krista Ryndak, MABC- $95

Bryan Ryndak, PT, MHS, $70

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