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Marriage Intensives


Sometimes, in the middle of our busy lives, making time for weekly counseling sessions can feel difficult. Often people show up for couseling and struggle to make progress on the "root" issues because they are dealing with the struggles and conflicts of the current week. That's where intensives can come in.

Three Day Intensive - Crisis Marriage- $2000

Our three day intensive is designed for couples in crisis. Prior to your intensive, we will do an intake session with each spouse individually. This allows us to tailor your intensive to your marriage situation. Days 1 and 2 will include a combination of longer, more intensive blocks of counseling and teaching with short morning and afternoon breaks. The evenings will be for rest and connection and will include homework assignments tailored to the couple's needs. The final day will be morning only and designed to tie together what has been learned in the previous days and include a goal and care plan for going home.

Two Day Intensive- Struggling Marriage - $1500

Our two day intensive is designed for couples with struggling marriages, but who are not necessarily in full crisis mode. Each spouse will participate in an intake session prior to attending. Each day will include 6 hours of counseling. Day one will conclude with a homework assignment for the couple to complete during their evening together.

One Day Intensive - Single Issue - $750

Some couples may choose a one day intensive when they have one major issue or obstacle troubling their marriage, and they need a time to focus on working through that issue. Our one-day intensive includes 6 hours of counseling and a one-hour intake session prior to the intensive.

One Day Intensive - Jump Start - $750

Some couples want an intensive to jump start what they anticipate to be a counseling process that needs to be more ongoing. Our one-day intensive includes 6 hours of counseling and a one-hour intake session prior to the intensive.

One Day Intensive - Marriage Check-Up - $650

Your marriage is good.  There aren’t any major problems.  You both refuse to settle for a good marriage, you want a GREAT marriage.  You are looking to improve together, grow together, be an even better example to your kids and grandkids of what a great and Godly marriage looks like.

This intensive is designed to check in on a variety of areas in which couples commonly struggle to help you brush up on areas in which you may have fallen into bad habits. Covered topics include communication styles and skills, conflict resolution, emotional regulation, household and financial management, family relationships and parenting, sexual intimacy, and spiritual intimacy. No intake session is necessary for this intensive, but intake paperwork must be completed in advance by both partners separately. This one-day intensive includes six hours of counseling, and you are encouraged to allot time to plan a date together to complete the day.

Some couples may choose a one day intensive when their marriage is "decent," but they feel it could be better and want to take it from good to great. 

  • Marriage Intensives are conducted by Bryan and Krista Ryndak as a team, so both male and female perspectives can feel acknowledged and ministered to.  One-on-one appointments are also available when needed, as are follow-up appointments if a couple desires continued care following their intensive.

  • Intake session must occur a minimum of two weeks prior to your intensive so that we can tailor the content of your intensive. For out-of-town couples, this can be via Zoom. For current clients doing an intensive in the middle of ongoing counseling, intake session will be waived and discounted from cost.

  • Travel and lodging are not included, but we can give suggestions as to local places to eat and stay.

  • 50% of your cost is due at the time of booking and 50% two weeks prior to the start of the intensive.  

  • 25% of your deposit is considered non-refundable. 50% of total cost is non-refundable for cancellations that occur with under two weeks of notice.

  • We conduct intensives every day of the week, including weekends, to accommodate various schedules.  Scheduling is based on counselor availability.  To schedule, email, or call 779-220-2390, ext. 1.  Intensives will be scheduled no less than two weeks prior to start date to give counselors time to conduct the intake session and prepare a care plan.  However, intensives can be scheduled as far in advance as a couple would like.

Tentative daily schedule:

9-10:30 am: counseling session

10:30-10:45: break

10:45 am-12:15 pm : counseling session

12:15-1:15: lunch

1:15-2:45: counseling session

2:45-3:00: break

3:00-4:30: counseling session

Schedule can be modified based on client needs and travel arrangements.

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