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PreMarital and PreEngagement Counseling


Pre-marital counseling

Pre-martial counseling for second and beyond marriages


Pre-engagement counseling

Committing is hard.  Maybe you feel confident that the person you’re with is who you are truly meant to be with, and you just want to make sure that in all your wedding planning you don’t miss the marriage planning, and that you truly start off strong.  That is awesome and we support you!  But, for others of us, we hear statistics about divorce and we get scared.  We have an argument and wonder if we’re really meant to be together.  Maybe your parents were divorced and you really don’t want that for your kids.  Maybe you’ve been divorced yourself and you’re afraid of making the same mistakes.

That’s why at So That We Biblical Counseling, we’ve decided to go beyond offering pre-marital counseling and to also offer pre-engagement counseling.  A couple of our staff members have experienced the heartache of divorce and particularly have a heart to serve those who may be considering a successive marriage.  Typically, both pre-marital and pre-engagement counseling take an average of six sessions, so we offer this in a variety of packages.  If you find that you need or desire more than this due to specific concerns or issues (i.e. blended family concerns, trauma background of one partner, chronic illness of one partner, and more), we are more than happy to conduct additional sessions on an as-needed basis.

Premarital Counseling Package- $600

PreEngagement Counseling Package- $600

The above packages can be done in weekly or bi-weekly 55-minute sessions, three 2-hour sessions, or two 3-hour sessions. When possible with schedules, both a male and female counselor will participate. Guaranteeing both counselors at all sessions will entail additional cost in order that both counselors can be compensated.

PreMarital or PreEngagment Intensive- $650

Intensives are a full day of counseling, including two 15-minute breaks and a one-hour lunch break. They are, as is in the name, a little intense, but busy couples tend to love this option! This cost guarantees both a male and female counselor will particpate in your counseling. To schedule, email

*Our premarital counselors are SYMBIS certified, and your package will include a SYMBIS report.

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