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When you’ve been working on yourself, your story, your foundation and you are ready to tackle the physical wellness concerns that you have had for years, this is the first step.

Your wellness has an emotional and spiritual context in addition to the physical component.  With this context in mind, I help you learn the tools you’ll need to steward your physical health well including advice and tips on nutrition, sleep, appropriate food intake, activity level, mindset, and self evaluation.

I want you to understand that this is a holistic approach, not a diet, not a drill sergeant  motivational lecture, nor a shaming guilt trip.  But rather, a part of the overall change you are already working on in your mind and body.  

The purposes are to lower your risk of chronic disease, improve your ability to manage stress and anxiety, and strengthen your knowledge base.

These sessions are best utilized monthly, often in the midst of your current counseling.

This consultation is open to men and women 18 years of age or older.

For more information, email

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