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Marriage Counseling


Do you feel your marriage is on the brink of divorce?

Do you feel you have some really bad relational cycles and habits and your home is tense all the time?

Do you feel you have a "decent" marriage, except for this "one thing?"

No matter where your marriage is, we are ready to come alongside you. Within marriage counseling, we utilize a combination of sessions together as a couple and one-on-one sessions with each spouse individually as needed in order to facilitate growth and healing in each of you and in your marriage as a whole. Is your spouse not ready? That's okay- if one person is ready to change the dynamic, the dynamic can change.

If you want to get a running start or have a block of time dedicated to working on your relationship without the distractions of everyday life, we also offer intensives.

55-minute session with Krista Bjork, MABC, $95

Some couples feel a need for not just one counselor, but a male/female collaboration. If this is your situation, we offer collaborative sessions with Krista Bjork, MABC and Bryan Ryndak, MHS, $140

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